DB BR 429 - Stadler Flirt 1

After a multiplayer-session on debrecen, the stadler flirt 1 got my attention. Out of pure boredom, i started to model it. Don't now if this one ever see's the light of day as i got almost none references, but having a blast so far (which is the most important!) working on it. :)

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  • Right, that MP session was a amazing. Wish to see more of it in the future. Regarding your work: I guess there's nothing I could add to the praise, it's once more an impressive piece of work I'm looking forward to see more of ;)



  • My favourite EMU of all time is getting the GnatzeD treatment :thumbup:

    I am soooo looking forward to this one!



    • Don't get your hopes too high, there is still a lot of work needed. Besides that, i got almost no references to work with. It comes down to what pictures i can find on the internet. But i appreciate it. :)

    • I have asked the team that made the original Flirt 1 if they have any info to help you. We have to wait and see :)



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  • Even I don't like the boredom of modern design, your model looks quite impressive!

    But what catches my interest is this bumpy material. I would like to have it too...